WTS journeyman in Cincinnati

Looking to sell my journeyman x-50 with wired controller. I also purchased the laser and 80mm spindle bracket if interested. Something came up and do not have time for this CNC until next year. Hoping to find someone local. Everything is still sealed in box and never assembled. But I will have to take open it to retrieve the laser and spindle bracket if you do not want the items. There is no monitor with this unit.

Would love to strike a deal with you on your onefinity! You’ve neglected to post any prices.

I live 7.5hrs east in Pennsylvania can you come east at all?


I’m selling it for what I paid for it. A big job came in and will be busy on that for a while. I’m just trying to help anyone that doesn’t want to wait 3 months for their CNC. If need be, I can ship it but I’m sure shipping might be expensive due to weight and size. If someone is fairly local, then they can inspect the product beforehand so they know its brand new.

Very much interested, would you be willing to share the total cost, and would you consider shipping to FL? Thank you

You 100% should open the box and make sure everything you’ve ordered is present and not damaged before selling. Also, please email into info@onefinitycnc.com with your order number and the buyers info so we can transfer the warranty.


I just opened up the boxes and everything looks pretty amazing since this is my first CNC. The system is so massive looking. But anyways, the total cost is $3,107.50 + s/h. This comes with the journeyman, controller, wired joystick, and 3-axis probe.

Thanks so much. Can you pm me shipping to Miami, Florida? Highly interested.

I’m sorry, but I’d rather deal with someone fairly local so I don’t have to deal with shipping. I’ve sold stuff online before and I’ve dealt with all kinds of people. This is something I don’t want to lose money on.

I will only sell to people near Cincinnati, Ohio. But I will be in the Dallas, Texas area by Christmas time if you live there also.

@Haga7584 How much time is left on the warranty?
I am in Columbus, OH.

I just received it about 2 weeks ago. So you still have the full year warranty. I would just need to transfer the ownership to you as the moderator stated earlier.

@Haga7584 - PM sent.

I made a mistake on the price above, it should be $3,148.41 and the sale is pending.

SOLD today, thanks all.

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