X-50 Journeyman w/ QCW & more, new unopened boxes $4695


I am looking to see if any are interested in this brand new, unused, unopened X50 for the same price I paid? What you will get is an X50 with no waitlist.

I’d received my X50 a few weeks ago and have been unable to get it out of the boxes yet. I was originally looking for a 48"x48" machine and with the release of the new Elite series, I can get both the capacity I was originally looking for in addition to the product quality 1F is known for.

The only item from my original order that it would not come with is my vCarve pro license (as I’ll be needing that still and it’s registered to me.) but otherwise, this machine is ready to go as configured below:

(all of which remains in the boxes it arrived in)
Onefinity Journeyman X-50 (48"x32" Cut Area) (black ‘brain’ box): $2864.50
Onefinity Controller | 10.8" Hi-Def Touch Display [1];
Journeyman QCW Frame (Secure from above) [1]; $540.00
Oops Clamps for T-Track - Large Set [1]; $56.91
Onefinity 3-Axis Touch Probe [1]; $92.63
Onefinity “Wireless” Joystick [1]; $45.95
Infinite Dust Collection Kit (Includes Suck It Pro and PWN CNC v8 dust boot kits [1]; $148.50
Two Moose Design recommended Bit Set [1]; $120.15
80mm Spindle Mount [1]; $87.75
Breakout Board Adapter [1]; $21.15
Tax: $360
Shipping $300
(original order included the $629.10 V-Carve Pro license, which I’ll keep due to registration and in reviewing this another time, it would seem that I accidently ordered and was shipped 2 QCW Secure from Above Frames - which of course no one at OneFinity caught either - their shopping experience is… lacking)

$4695 shipped / insured in the US lower 48 states. For any within 100 miles of Fort Collins, Colorado I’ll deliver in person. (the original receipt total with tax/shipping was $5236.04 after removing the Vcarve license cost and 1 of the QCW frames which I will now need to sell separately after discovering this)

In addition, I will provide the purchaser with the key to the 1-year subscription to Carveco Maker that comes with an Elite Foreman once I receive the email/key.

As I said, I’m investigating whether there is interest, given the new product announcement that is a perfect match for what I was originally looking for.)
m spanbauer at gmail . c o m or reply here. Happy to provide my ebay ID or other transaction history to offer assurance that I am a high-integrity guy. Please let me know. Thanks! Mike

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