X-50 Knock Down

How much work is involved in taking the X assembly off the Y rails for storage? I’m thinking about multi-tasking my 1F bench by removing taller X portion from the affixed Y rails, laying it between said rails, and setting a lid over the entire machine that would double as another work table for my small shop.
Is there difficulty in wiring, accuracy of reassembly, or other issues to consider?
Thanks ahead of time for any thoughts…

5 minutes and an extra set of hands if you can find them. The X Rail is quite heavy.


What a good idea!

I have space issues, so I’ve designed (but not yet built!) a trestle with a hinged board to mount the machine on, which can be lowered to rest along one side of the trestle. The X/Z axis will be at the top (when the board is down), to protect it somewhat from being banged against something or being kicked, and mounted on wheels/castors so it can be moved about.

When I need to use it, I’ll lift the mounting board and then hinged legs (from underneath the board) will lock into place and support the front of the machine.

Very poor, draft drawing:

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