Y1 Axis generating noise on diagonal pass (solved, normal)

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I have the elite foreman. Love the machine but I have this noise on the Y1 axis when running a job and the pass is on a diagonal. I have a simple star pattern that when it is running a straight horizontal or vertical line it sounds great but when it does the diagonal it’s not sounding right! Im not sure if this is standard or not. Any ideas are welcome! Thanks. (I have a video but not allowed to post it as a new forum user)

This is normal resonance of the machine, especially when all 3 axis are rotating at the same time. No issues there! It is not a lack of oiling or lubrication issue.

You can adjust the motor resolution if you’d like. Please know this is unsupported and if you need troubleshooting from us in the future, you’ll be asked to return them to the default 400 pulses/rev for assistance.
Please also know that increasing the resolution will make your torque drop proportionally.
Setting Up Motor Resolution


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Ok, I thought that it might be normal but was wondering because it is fairly loud. Is there a way I can send you a video to check out just to calm my nerves ?!

support is always open at support@onefinitycnc.com