1st project: 2 foot circular ogee clock surround

Had a big clock my wife painted that looked funny just sticking out a couple of inches from the wall. Been wanting to make an ogee surround for it, but couldn’t figure out how. Then 3 big boxes showed up from 1F…
I had several feet of rough cut mystery hardwood, about 1" thick, so I CNC-planed it, glued it up to get to ~2" thick, ripped it at an angle, then CNC’d each of the 6 resulting pieces to a rough arc with sinusoidal joining surfaces so they would glue up into a complete 2’ ring. (rough ring shown below).

Then I could cut the 1F loose for the final shape. Shown here after the top surface cut, without any sanding.

Learned a ton doing it, and surprisingly satisfied with the results.


Nice, good work, what finish did you use

Looks good!

Takes another look at that spoil board gutter


Uh-oh. Did I accidentally post something embarrassing? You referring to the experimental T slot I cut into my wasteboard? (You’d be right, it was a failed experiment.)

Thanks! I had a can of Minwax Stain & Polyurethane-in-one lying around that seemed like enough of a lazy-man’s solution to work for me. Took 2 coats.

Amen, looks nice God Bless

Nice work! That turned out amazing.