20mm holes in the spoil board

Waiting on my machine … so like most my mind wanders.

One of my concerns is part registration and repeatability. I have purchase the 3 Axis touch probe so the machine aspect should be fairly repeatable.

This is more that just bit changes I am talking things like tiling, or repositioning the piece and continue the operations.

I do know about registration pins but I was thinking something along the lines of Festool’s 20 mm system. (Yes I know they are expensive but once you have them you like them … you only cry once over the price)

I ask this because I just don’t see this sort of thing much.


With a three axis touch plate you can start a multi tool path project and stop between tool baths for the night, day, week, month, or year. You can remove the partially completed project from your machine and put it on a shelf to complete later. The only requirement is that the part is aligned squarely with the machine X or Y axis travel. When you put the part back on the machine to complete, it doesn’t matter where you put it, only that the alignment is square. Re-Zero with your touch plate and load the next tool path.

This also works with aborted carvings or projects where you had a power failure. No need to toss the project. Simple reset the XYZ zero with your touch plate and reload the tool path that was carving when it was interrupted. It will cut air for a while but eventually it will catch up to where it left off and continue seamlessly. It is also possible to edit the tool path removing the completed part and starting close to where it left off.

Yup you nailed my issue: "The only requirement is that the part is aligned squarely with the machine X or Y axis travel. "

This is the crux of the post, using the 20mm (or 3/4) system and bench dogs positive registration of the part should be relatively easy.

Versus large right angle boards attached to the spoil board ala Mr Meyers approach … and there is nothing wrong with the approach, I just think dogs are more flexible

Found your post while searching for spoil board flattening search. I’ve got an awful lot of Festool, including two MFT3s. 20mm holes are definitely part of my spoil board design.