Another Topo Relief

30” x 15” x 1 1/2” Black Cherry finished with Tung Oil (needs a few more coats.). This took about 34 hours on the machine, 26 of those being the finishing pass. Followed by several hours of sanding, epoxy fill and finishing. I have plans to sell a small number of these (probably locally) and the response to them on Facebook has been quite promising and may have led me to a great opportunity with a local business to make a few carvings for them. In my research into these types of things I have also realized that there’s not a great deal of this stuff available (big, very high detail topography) and the time involved in making it forces it to be priced higher than most sane people are willing to pay, which is probably why there’s not much of it out there to begin with.


Beautiful work Chris! My Woodworker is still on order but I might like to attempt something like this in the future. Do you have a post detailing your methods that I may have missed in my search?

Very nice! I hope to be able to do that one day.

At the risk of redundancy, what software and workflow are you using. OF coming next month, your carve is pretty impressive.

Amazing!!! Really well designed and executed!


Marketing to local business and realtors might net you a different kind of interest if you haven’t considered that. They see expenses like this in a different light and also a good way to source new revenue for different projects they might need.

That is tight work! Do you use the Makita router or did you upgrade to a spindle? I ask because I want to do some 3d carves, but wondering how the Makita does with those long marathon carves. Do you let it run that long, or do you pause it and let it take a break every few hours?