Beginners logo inlay

Or do you simply mean you want a delineation at the “overlap”? If so, there are still no overlapping vectors. But the design would look something like this…


As for the size, 1" is tiny. You may have a difficult time at that size.

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yup you got it. Thanks I have a steep learning curve ahead.

Got it! New file package:


You can see how the vectors have changed from the original. No overlaps! :rofl:

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I see the two complete vectors now.

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That one would be the mirror image and flipped over . Then i would need to manually add the lines for the tail of the B.
i used Carbide create to cut the inlay piece but i couldnt raise the Z to change bits from the 1/8 to the 60 vbit

I provided two design options in each of the SVG files (4 designs total). Pick whichever you like better and mirror it when carving the male/plug side of the inlay. The designs are ready to use.

You’ve lost me again… What are you adding lines for now? I thought we addressed that with the newest iteration.

Save separate tools as separate gcode files. Then you don’t have to worry about tool changes in the middle of a program.


Thanks for the help. Turned out ok.

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