Camera for cutting overview

I keep reading about accidentally hitting clamps, screws, etc. I just got my oops clamps, but I hope to not oops too often. I had the idea, if a camera was mounted to the CNC, like on the spindle mount, it could be moved around to take pictures and stitch together a complete picture of the cutting area. This would show your material to cut, the clamps, screws, everything. Then, when the file is loaded an outline of the cutting limits can be superimposed, so you can verify you aren’t hitting a clamp and not trying to cut in a place that is already cut.

There is a similar feature to this on the Maslow CNC. It was very helpful to make sure you aren’t cutting in the wrong spot.

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I believe I saw someone who used their designed cutting area and clamps as the project base in each subsequent can setup for that reason.