Can I use my 50amp (electric car) Circuit for the Onefinity?

Electrical is black magic to me, but what I do know is that all the 110 outlets on my house only run a 15 amp breaker. I’m assuming that my 50amp is a 220v? If so what do I need to purchase to run everything on that circuit? This is the plug I have ENERLITES 50 Amp Range Receptacle Outlet for RV and Electric Vehicles, NEMA 14-50R, 3-Pole, 4 Wire (8, 6, 4 AWG Copper Only), 125/250V, 66500-BK, Black: Automotive

Are you using it to charge vehicles?

If not, have the breaker changed to the current you need (less) and use it.

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Hey Auntjemimma,

yes, NEMA 14 wall outlet is likely to provide you either 120 and 240 V or 120 and 208 V.

All NEMA 14 devices offer two hots, a neutral, and a ground, allowing for both 120 and 240 V when supplied by split-phase power, or 120 and 208 V if the supply is three-phase. The 14-30 has a rating of 30 A, and an L-shaped neutral blade. The 14-50 has a rating of 50 A, and a straight neutral blade sized so that it does not mate with 14-30 connectors.

– Source: NEMA_connector #NEMA_14 – Wikipedia

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I only charge during off peak hours, usually after 12am so it will never be charging my car when I’m running the machine. It is being used to charge my car however.

I asked my electrician if it was 220v and he said it was. But I guess 240v is the same thing? Would I get this plug? CircleCord Welder Adapter Cord, NEMA 14-50P Male to 6-50R Female, 50 Amp Power Adapter Plug for Welder, Heavy Duty STW 8 AWG 50 Amp 250V - -

Hey Auntjemimma,

Yes, most devices for this voltage take 220–240 Volts.

Yes, this will provide you the ability to use devices with a NEMA 6 three-prong (earthed) 220 V plug. Which adapter you need depends on what connector is found on your device.

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So if I’m trying to run a shop vac (or dust collector), monitor, makita router, and the Onefinity controller off of the circuit what all will I need to purchase?

If these devices are 120 V devices then you cannot connect them to 240 V. 240 V would be something you would want in order to connect e.g. a 240 V VFD and spindle.

But from your NEMA 14 wall outlet, you can get 120 V too. You would need different adapters for each of 120 and 240 V devices.

Are you planning to use a Makita or spindle? Context, do you need 220V or 120V? As Aiph pointed out, you have both in that 50 amp receptacle. Good thing is you also have an earth ground there as well.

I personally would be reluctant to use a 50 amp circuit without a supplimental fuse arrangement. Your electrician can rig you up a box that connects into your car charging circuit with the appropriately sized current limiting in it.

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Well I would like to use a spindle but it seems that may over complicate things right off the bat so I may just go with the Makita until I get comfortable enough with the machine.


AJ, are you in the US/Canada or oversees. I ask because you may not have a need for 220/240, unless using a Spindle rated for that voltage if you are stateside.

So something like this? 50 amp to 20 amp Adapter 110 RV Distribution NEMA 14-50P Male to 4X 5-20R 1.5 FT Household Outlet Female with Dust Protection Caps - -

Hey Auntjemimma,

yes, this is adapts to four NEMA 5, 120 V with ground.

However I would not judge on whether this specimen is of good quality. I don’t buy my stuff there.

Hey Dean,

I’m in Texas, USA.

That looks very intriguing, as it should break the 220/240 into to separate circuits of 2 plugs each. So you could theoretically separate your dust collection from the other items, although, they would still share the same Common, so they would not be completely separated technically.

I am, as well. DFW area. Could always do a zoom, if needed in the future. I have 220 Spindle (Water-cooled) on my journeyman, drag chains, jtech laser, etc.

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So in conjunction with this adapter I should ask my electrician for some type of fuse system?

Yes so I will also have to buy one of these I think. LAKCZIO 14-50P 4 Prong Splitter, 14-50P Splitter 14-50R Female Receptacle, 3FT RV 50 Amp 14-50 Y Split Plug Extension Cord Adapter. - -

Maybe I’m over complicating things, should I just try running everything on my 15amp 110 circuit? It already has a freezer and 300w aquarium heater hooked up to it so im worried I’ll just be tripping the breaker all the time.

From a former licensed electrician here - hire a professional.

That cord you linked to would only be viable if you have an electrician replace the 50A breaker in your panel with a 20A breaker because it contains no internal overcurrent protection (it also does not have a certification like UL which it will never have without the overcurrent protection). This however would render your charging receptacle unfit for charging your car. Unless you can locate a cord with over current protection and a UL/CE certification the most appropriate LEGAL answer would be to have a sub panel installed which can provide you 15A or 20A branch circuits for your Onefinity and retain the 50A circuit for the car charging receptacle.