Carbide create advanced v carve

How can you use the 1F with CC advanced v carve ? When you save the toolpaths it’s only one toolpaths saved but there is 2 Bits doing the advance vcarve so would the cnc stop and you change the bit then you zero

I’ve not done it, but it’s just gcode in the end, so it should be possible. I know there are issues with tool changes embedded using Carbide Create, but nothing that is insurmountable (search the forums for more details).


By the way I played around today with advanced v carve and I found out that the program stops to do a bit change I did not proceed on doing but since it stopped means you change the bit you zero and go

I have also attempted the advanced v carve setting. I ran an end mill on the first pass. The machine stopped in the middle of running the g code for a bit change. The problem is I couldn’t get the bit out of the machine. I couldn’t jog the machine back to x and y axis or even move the z without stopping the g code. Obviously when I stopped the g code it reset the tool path to the beginning.

So Tommy are you saying I can note which line the g code stopped running…Stop the machine to change…And after changing the bit I can select the g code number where it stopped to run again? If so I assume you zeroed the second bit. And did you start at the x and y axis before pushing play?

Sorry just re read your post and saw you didn’t run second bit but did advise to zero.

I tried some how it worked once then nothing so I abandoned