Computer requirements

Anyone have recommendations on a laptop to use for cnc routing? Like what should the computer have? What would be nice?

My understanding is that it will have its own processor and run on a sneeker network (thumbdrive) so transfer rates and such will be unimportant. So the question is what are you going to use for CAD/CAM and how patient are you? I run Fusion 360 and Vcarve and am not at all patient with long renders so I have to have at least a midline machine.

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It is my (very limited) understanding that Fusion 360 can be used for modeling AND toolpaths. Is Vcarve necessary in addition to Fusion? I had started looking into Fusion 360 for 3D printing. I was glad to see it can do CNC as well. Will I need to learn additional software or will Fusion handle the entire CNC workflow? This will be my first CNC machine so I am trying to learn what I can before mine ships much later this year. :slight_smile:

Fusion360 will do everything. It has a cam (toolpathing) module but I have never figured it out. Probably just me. That said, even if I had the cam in Fusion 360 figured out Vcarve makes certain things MUCH easier.
Things I feel Vcarve is superior at:

  • Text
  • Indexing your part
  • Dog bones
  • Much faster from concept to finish for simple things like signs

That’s what I was afraid of. VCarve seems to be extremely popular based on the YouTube videos I have been binge watching lately. I was hoping to avoid having to spend hundreds of dollars just for the software to use my machine. Then again, I don’t want to become discouraged by trying to use overly complicated software or feature starved basic software. I need to pick cheaper hobbies! :laughing:

Amen brother. The good news is at some point making stuff starts to pay even if you don’t sell anything. I have $$$$ of custom stuff that I don’t even know if I’d be able to find someone to make for me if I didn’t make it myself.

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Carveco has me intrigued, as far as mt patients I am not a patient person. So I will be buying more then I need lol

I am trying some programs out for design. I am having some success with a surface pro that I have. No lag and runs v carve and cura (3d printing) with no lag. I like the portability and the pen. I am normally a mac person and i have found that I can connect my surface to a 2nd monitor and use the mac keyboard and mouse with no issue if i need a larger screen to design. Needless to say. I have a lot of time on my hands between meetings.