Dust shoe Z slider bolt size

Does anyone know what size the hand bolts are that attach the dust shoe to the z slider? I want to look at some cam options but I cant find anything about the size

Looks like M4 - not sure on the length if you need that.

I thought so too! I tried to thread on an M4 nut and it wouldn’t go. I also tried to thread an M4 bolt into the sliding nut of the onefinity, no luck there either.

Hmmm, maybe it is imperial? I didn’t try to thread a nut - just measured the diameter.

Try 1/8 or 3/16 - I was surprised to find SAE fasteners in the Z-slider when I was tramming my router.

It is 8-32. I have ordered them for the custom arms I made. I had to make my custom arms a bit thinner at the top to accommodate. I ordered from McMaster. I believe Kipp makes them but I haven been able to locate any with longer than 30mm (1-3/16") which you would need in ordere to use the standard arms.

KIPP - Adjustable Cam Levers with external thread, inch (kippusa.com)

This is a set I made for @ColemanDesignsInc


Thanks a lot for the response, I saw the post from @ColemanDesignsInc. I was just looking at the cam levers without the studs, that use a threaded hole instead. There are 1.5" fully threaded 8/32 bolts, i was going to see if something like that would work. Have you already experimented with this?

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So you would come from the back? Interesting. I have not tried that. Let us know how it works.

I’d be interest in a piece that had the vacuum hose coming from the back instead of the front like the PWN style