Engraving logo issue

Hi All
I’m using a 15 degree vee bit to engrave my headstock logo 1/8" deep. The wood left between the letters is very thin, like 1/32" wide. (The engraved logo is filled with epoxy later on so the thin wood is protected.) I’ve engraved the logo successfuly in about 50% of the guitar necks I’ve been making but the other 50% are getting chewed up in the engraving. Is there any settings changes for the tool I can re-configure that will give me a higher success rate?

Situations vary and can depend on a lot of factors, including the individual piece of wood.

But some things you might try:

  • being less aggressive with feeds, speeds, and depth of cut (per pass)
  • masking your material before cutting to add surface strength (same concept as using tape to prevent tearout with a saw or drill)
  • cutting V paths before clearance paths, if applicable
  • using a thicker piece of material and setting a start depth for your carve of greater than zero, then surfacing to remove the extra material after the epoxy has been applied

It may help to show what you mean by getting chewed up, also what kind of wood?

But, adding to Matticustard’s list, here are a couple things I can think of:

  • Change direction of the cut from “Climb” (usually default) to “Conventional
  • Try the same toolpaths in a different, harder, wood
  • Check to see what the width of your V-Bit tip is. In other words Amana has two different 15 degree bits; the 45611 and 45628. The 45611 has a near nothing 0.005" tip and the 45628 has a 0.666" much wider tip. So perhaps try to see if you can get a smaller tip?
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