Feedrate much lower than expected

Hello, folks! I’m trying to do my first project here (milling out a wasteboard). Super basic. I’m using Fusion 360.

The operation I’m trying to do now is a boring operation. Here is the feedrate information I’ve got configured in Fusion:

After I generate my gcode, this is what I see in Onefinity’s dashboard (I’ve not run the program yet):

You’ll notice this pretty simple program has an estimated time of 26 minutes and the feedrate is 100mm/min, which seems very low compared to what I put in Fusion. I figure this could be one of these things:

  1. The Onefinity dashboard doesn’t show the correct information until you start the program (nervous to start - want to make sure I get everything right)
  2. There is something lost in translation when Fusion generates the gcode
  3. The settings from Fusion aren’t supposed to come across and I’m supposed to set those things manually once in Onefinity (though I don’t see how to do that)

Again, sorry for the basic question. Nudges in the right direction would be much appreciated!

Also, I should mention: the only F gcode commands I see in the file are all “F1905”, which I think means that it should set the feedrate to 1905 mm / min during execution, so I’m starting to suspect it’s just #1 and I should run it and see what happens, but let me know if I am correct!

That displayed feed rate doesn’t seem to update until the job is running and the F1905 will indeed set the feed rate however the controller will typically slow operations that aren’t in a straight line due to forces when turning/starting/stopping a cut. For a bore operation the “pitch” on the passes tab will have the greatest impact on how long the operation will take, it usually defaults to 1mm. I will typically increase this to 2 or 3 in wood/MDF. Also worth noting you should use a cutter that has a diameter about 1/2 that of the hole you intend to bore so it can clear chips as it plunges otherwise you will make heat and smoke which are bad for cutter life.

Thanks - exactly what I needed.

That’s a good warning to give to people doing boring - I have read enough horror stories about people trying to use their CNC to drill using an end mill to know mostly what to avoid. I only have a downcut 1/4" at the moment and my smallest holes are 1/3" so I’m still a little nervous.

Also thanks for the hint about “pitch” - I was also looking for that setting as well, thanks again!