How to Drill into plastic case

I have been asked to modify a case which will require drilling holes, I want to use cnc to place exactly where needed, is there something special, bits

speeds, etc? the case is something like this, as usual thanks ahead of time.

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Nothing special for bits but the shavings may not want to clear very well and if heated up could melt to the bit. Highly recommend doing some test cuts to see how it tolerates being machined. I have played around with machining polymer composite materials and have had both great & terrible results.

Thank you for your quick response and help Mr Rogers will you mind sharing what produced the good results thank you sir

You preferably want to use what’s called and spiral O Flute bit. As for speeds and feeds you may just want be conservative with them.


I think it depends largely on the size, number, and configuration of the holes to be drilled. This type of plastic is generally of the softer variety, so should drill very easily. Whether or not it’s worth the effort of trying to actually do it on the 1F (thinking ability to clamp down) would have to be determined. Another option may be to create a drill guide (possibly out of thin plywood, PVC, Polycarbonite, etc.) that would allow you to drill the holes by hand, using the drill guide for accurate positioning. I would only use this method of the holes were on the smaller side. Larger drills (around 1/4"+ in size) would tend to get ‘grabby’ when you drill thru.


Thanks for your input
I’m going to take this info and consideration and arrive at a solution God bless you

Maybe it would be better to cut a piece of 1/8" or 1/4" MDF (or scrap of any kind if you have any big enough) to make a drilling template, and then tape that down to the plastic and drill through the plastic with a drill bit.

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You are the man that’s exactly what I was thinking that way the bit don’t take off on you I was thinking about attaching it to Vertical clamping but my clamping area isn’t that big might have to widen it out