JTech the only Option?

I’ve been debating a laser for a bit, but I’m curious if the JTech is the only option?
A friend of mine just bought an entire Outur Master 2 setup for about $500CAD.
Which is substantially lower in price then the JTech, and a 20W laser.
Just curious if anyone has gone with any other lasers?

It is not the only option, but it is the most popular and best supported. Also, be careful of some of the “advertizement” games they play with wattages… that “20 Watt” laser you’re looking at ‘Consumes’ 20Watts, but puts out about 5 Watts of light. The JTech puts out 7 or 14 Watts of light depending on model.

See Opt Laser as well.

Huh. I guess I need to do a little research, and my friend does too!

I have a lm2 pro and it’s pretty neat and fast. What you can gain from the 1F laser add on is the size of the table.

If you don’t need or want to do larger projects the lm2 will most everything the Jtech will do. And it’s portable.

The 14w Jtech will definitely cut thicker stock but the costs go up for that.

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Does any one know how long the cables are that are shown in their video? It looks like the laser head cable is like 3’ . I want to know how long they are in that plastic bag so that I can gauge the right length for my drag chain set up. Thanks for your time…

Did you want to know how long the cables are for the JTech? If so, I can go measure them later this afternoon.

Its ok I just bought IT.Do i get FRee Stickers???

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