Level workspace?

I know having a flat work table to mount this machine to will be important, but is having a level work table important? I do not think it would be, but wanted to hear from others experiences. I would like my work table to be on casters on my garage floor, which is slopes for water runoff, and I wanted to avoid adding leveling feet.

As one of the testers showed his machine cutting while mounted on the wall, I wouldn’t think that a slight slope like you mention would have any affect on the machine’s operation.

I agree with @sghawley the critical part is that it is a completely flat surface between each of the 4 legs or you will get uneven depths of cut across your work piece. But being level even 10 - 15 degrees is not an issue. I cannot imagine that cutting on a 90 degree over time will not prematurely wear on your steppers, but maybe not. Either way I plan on keeping it flat & as close to level as my wall mounting solution can accommodate, but certainly not worries about a slight pitch.

As long as corners are level to each other, and you have a flat(or have flattened) your spoiler board, I would think you’d be okay.

Good to hear everyone else’s opinion. I didn’t expect any ill effects.

I think flattening the spoil board is the most important - even if the surface the machine is on is flat, doesn’t mean the cutting surface is flat. If you face the spoil board, then it will be co-planar (and hopefully perpendicular as well) to the cutter, resulting in even depth cuts. Tramming the machine to ensure properly alignment is a key step when fine tuning the setup.