Longer Cables to avoid connectors in the middle

It would be nice if you would have an option to provide longer cables opposed to just extensions to make existing cabled longer. Longer connections without plugs in the middle would be a nice option.


Try Greg at Route1 Wood Design, he can provide longer cables

ONEFINITY CNC Drag Chain Extended Wires | Etsy UK

Thanks for that reference

Add me to the list, just setting up new 1F and needed another foot of leads to mount controller out of the way. Wishing 1F just gave another foot or offered longer factory 2 end cables when I ordered the machine. A “patch” cable is undesirable for many reasons.

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Another option is to make your own custom cables, if you have access to crimping tools and the expertise to use them. The list of connectors used is here: Cable Connectors Used on the Onefinity

There would probably be warranty issues with using non-Onefinity-sourced cables, though.


There was a post regarding the spiral x axis cable being “specifically wired” inside. Heads up.

Hey Barry, hey all,

I take the opportunity to insert here the link to the link collection for making longer stepper cables yourself I wrote the other day :slight_smile:


I think the point is; We shouldn’t have to make or buy longer cables to properly mount the controller, out of harm, and dusts’ way.

I agree the machine should come with excessive cable legnth - worst case, it gets tied back.

I however, did, order the extensions when I purchased. If there’s a need for them, they should be incorporated or included.

There’s only a need if a customer chooses to set up their machine other than the factory setting with the controller sitting on the left.

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I disagree slightly, I opted for a “factory setting” of steppers in front, and I had to mid-mount my controller, on the top side of my table. E-stop is semi-out of reach, probe cable is slightly short, monitor cables are maximized, controller is in potentially high dust zone.

I wasn’t aware of this until it was setup and in use, and plan to correct w/ cables or revert to steppers in the back.

Again, I think an additional 12-16" of length, would remedy this.

Factory setting is steppers in the back.

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The stepper in front, is advertised as an option, and shown in instructional videos. I’m not sure how this isn’t considered a factory setup. This is good awareness for other members and potential customers, if nothing else

That’s a disappointing response from OneFinity. That location and distance is clearly not the best location for the controller by any measure only the most cost effective for production. The factory production compromises are going to be a barrier to overall Onefinity growth especially if valid customer and user recommendations are dismissed as our problem. MVP should not be a final iteration.

Its very confusing that a machine built to be robust is hampered from serious use by limitations like these.

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That’s why we sell extensions. It keeps the cost lower and gives the customers the freedom to make the cables as long as you want.

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Easy solution, add 12-16in to the factory cables. cost is insignificant vs. even small number of customers feeling 1F “cheeped out” on the cables. Every unboxing video will expose the 1F generosity in giving ample length to mount the controller in “several optional” locations.


One MVP for another. What your missing is your customers are asking for a solution that meets the potential of the machine so it can be used to its fullest and would pay for it. Instead our options are more economy mode that holds the machine back. Doubling the number of connectors is not improving reliability or capability.

That is counter to the seeming intent to build a robust machine that can do more. I would much rather have warranty supported improvements over aftermarket risk but that’s not available here.

The spindle approach is the same. I’ll spend more eventually to get to the machines full potential but it won’t be with the manufacturer. That seems odd. I hope it changes.


With the incredible accomplishment that 1F has achieved, it will only get more awesome if customers provide their input to what they love, AND, feel might make the machine that much better. The 1F user community will always be a bright light shined upon how the product is experienced.


I agree, longer cables. At a minimum, maybe have it as an option at purchase time. I bought the extensions, but would much rather have a “solid run” of wire rather than an additional connection and possible failure point. Seems that MANY owners are opting to locate their control boxes in other locations that necessitate the longer cables. Onefinity highlights the flexibility mounting options, but misses the mark on controller location flexibility. Just my .02


I agree. If you look at all the posts with operational issues related to cables, plugs, pins, extension cables, etc. I purchased extension cables but didn’t use because the molded plugs on the factory cables were so much better quality than the extensions. Consequently I built my table around the side positioning of the controller and front to back placement on the table of the 1F to make the cables reach. My .02 is adding 2’ to the cables adds, what, $5.00. When the customer does all the troubleshooting, inconvenience or lost revenue of a broken machine only to receive replacement parts. Start paying labor for warranty related issues and many of the simple, minimal cost upgrades become a no brainer for the factory to manage costs and reduce operational issues. IE you can cheap in many areas to keep price down only because labor is never paid. If my machine was another $50.00, I’d gladly paid it for better components and flexibility. Seems most 1F owners went for the quality of the machine not specifically the price point. I bought it because I felt it was the best made machine in its category, and would buy it again!


Even just slightly longer would be a big benefit. I have my machine setup the advertised and intended way, except for my controller being mounted on the left side panel of my table. It’s really only an extra foot away from if it were on the table top, but the cable length meant I had to mount the controller with the I/O panel facing up. Obviously slightly concerning long term with dust infiltration being possible. With a little bit more cable length I could actually rotate the controller sideways or upside down and not have to worry about it.

I think that overall most people would be better served by maybe having a little extra cable to manage than having to buy an extension and then definitely having a bunch of wire to bundle up.

It would still allow for extensions for people mounting the controller on the wall or further away from the machine. It just seems needlessly limiting in my opinion.