Multiple Extension wires

While I’m in the process of converting to a spindle, I am considering moving the 1F controller and VFD farther away from the CNC frame. I don’t really want to fiddle with making up my own stepper cables. Do any of you have practical experience of daisy chaining multiple 1F-purchased extension cables? To move my controller where I am hoping, each stepper cable would be the originally supplied cable + two four-foot extensions.

Try Greg at Route One Wood Design on Etsy he can supply longer cables specifically for the 1F

ONEFINITY CNC Drag Chain Extended Wires | Etsy UK.


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I have a couple of motors wired with daisy chained extra control wires and have no issues. I moved the controller and the wiring to accommodate drag chains and spindle power and buying extra wires from Onefinity was the simplest. Works great!