Wire extensions are now avaliable!

Want to configure your setup in a different way than original? These wire extensions will help you configure your setup just the way you like it! (these are wire EXTENSIONS NOT wire replacements).

2 pack of 2 feet: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/2-pack-cable-extensions-2-foot-long

2 pack of 4 feet: https://www.onefinitycnc.com/product-page/2-pack-cable-extensions-4-foot-long


Thanks for creating those! Great addition for folks who want to tuck their controller somewhere special. :wink:


want to make sure that it is both cables for the 2 y connections and x , z connectors?

They are all the same, just buy as many as you need.

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Do these wires interconnect with the original wires to make the extension longer? I need to make the current (original intended) setup about 3 feet longer to mount the control box on the wall behind the CNC. Currently, the Y wires are about 40" long and I need to extent them approximately 3 feet out. I noticed there is no option for longer cables (6’), so I was wondering if the new set of 4’ wires with connect with the original to extent out. Or if there are adaptors available to extend the cable? Thank you for your assistance!.


yes. The have connectors at both ends and are designed to connect to the originally supplied wires to extend their reach.


Since it will be a while before my 1F arrives, I’m having a hard time trying to figure out how many cables I would need if I wanted to have a lot of options regarding where to put the box. Will I need a total of 4 extensions to be able to extend X, Z, and 2 Y connections?

correct. total of 4…they are sold in sets of 2, so buy 2 sets.
remember, the are EXTENSIONS, not wire REPLACEMENTS. For those wanting to use drag chains, you CANNOT use it without the curly cable, the z will not work.

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OF, will you be making a wire that we can purchase to replace this curly wire for a straight wire so that it can go through the drag chains?

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