Flat wire replacement for Z curly cable

I just received my 1F and starting to set it up. I purchased an X and Y drag chain accessory and I’d like to change out the curly Z chain cord. I think a “prewired flat cord” will be much easier to feed thru the drag chain. I recall a while back I read about someone in the forum talking about doing the same. A link to a supplier would be greatly appreciated. MB

Hello Michael, Please PM, I will hook you up.

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I’m also interested. Pming

Are the wires crossed in the Z curly cable? I used a extension and moved up the line that plugs into the curly cable into the motor. This did not work. Do i need to flip the wire in the extension cable?

Yes the Z wire is crossed. The coil cable is required if you are using onefinity extension wire. Extension wire will not replace coil wire. I offer the straight wires on my etsy page along with dragchain mounts if you interested.


Thx. I just did not want to destroy the original curly cable incase i needed to revert back. What is the name of the 4 pin plug that plugs into the Z motor? the red and black wire is flipped white and green are ok. I have extra extension going to cut a end off flip the 2 wires and put that 4 pin plug on. Should work? but i need to know the name of that 4 pin plug so i can get me one. P.S. I already 3d printed and installed the drag chains. I took them off last night on account of Z cable issues so i could make some stuff today. As soon as i make this cable ill be putting back on my drag chain set.
https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08KTDX3P4/ref=crt_ewc_title_dp_1?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A20VIERU7MNN7L correct one?

The bigger connector is this one.

The one to the control box is this one.

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Did your idea of swapping the wires work? I just tired to use an extension and did not work on the Z.

Hey Bruce, the extension wires alone on the Z stepper motor without the curly cable will not work. The pin out on that stepper motor is crossed. You either have to stretch out the curly cable to fit into dragchain, or make new straight wires. If interested, I offer the long straight wires on my etsy shop for both x and Z stepper motors.

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Hi Greg,
I used the curly wire in the drag chain. It was longer than I expected. If I order the new 48inch wide I will order your extensions.
Thank you.,

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Could someone advise me what cable spec I need to make a replacement for the curly cable to go through my drag chains, I’d buy the one from Greg, but to be honest the postage to the UK is 2x the cost of the cables on Etsy. So I’m going to try and make my own,

I’d really appreciate it if someone could advise what the Molex part numbers are for the z axis plugs as well as the links above are showing unavailable on Amazon.

Thanks in advance


They have two sizes on the cables. The bigger size goes to the motors and the smaller goes to the controller. You have to flip one wire on the z but I forget which one. I just metered them out. I uses 18/4 shielded wire.

Thanks for the update


Easy Fix for this issue. get extension cable from 1F cut one end off each line make sure you cut one male and one female (2 lines) connect red to red, black to black, GREEN TO BLUE and connection BLUE TO GREEN

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Hi. Does anybody now the reason behind this cable crossing? Is there a technical reason behind or just to confuse ourselves in case of a cable replacement other then using the ones provided by Onefinity?

Got those, but do you know the pin out on the 1F wires?