Drag chain and wiring

Having problems figureiing out how to hook up the y axis to the z link. I purchased the kit from Route 1. Where does the 1x90 degree bracket go ? Also purchased 2 ext cables but they cae with small ends. Theses wont fit in place of the curley wire. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

This might help with your extension cable question:

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At 1335 in his video it show the location. Not sure if this will help I hop so. I have work with Route 1 and he is quick to respond. Just send a message on his Etsy site

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Please PM me i will walk you through the entire process if you need help. No need to struggle.

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@kitkat I sent you a private massage though esty.

Extension cable question: The blue and green pins need to be swapped where the connector hooks up to the Z axis stepper motor. I’m not sure why people are not sharing this. I’ve only seen people saying wires are swapped and nothing further. Having said that, proceed at your own risk.