Masso MyWorkshop Registration

Does anyone know if Onefinity gets Masso to setup a Masso MyWorkshop registration when doing an Elite Upgrade?

I emailed support about this a few days ago and received this response from OneFinity.

“ I can assist with the Masso controller registration.
Could you please let me know the G3-##### Masso serial number that is displayed on the screen?
Once we have the serial number, we can add it to your account.”

Thanks for that John. I’ll do the same.

Hey!! I purchased a used Onefinity Elite Journeyman from an individual and got the warranty and Vetrics software moved into my name. But, I do not think MyWorkshop was completed. How can I determine this? MyWorkshop does not recognize any email that I use.

email with your order number and they’ll register it for you.

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