MeshCAM - perimeter of stock

Hi All
Anybody know how to prevent the routing of the perimeter of the stock?
All my jobs always want to route out the perimeter.
In MeshCAM, for the stock there is a toggle in the Finishing set up to “Not route the surface”, which I always choose, but no toggle option to “Not route the perimeter”.
To explain further, I have a piece of MDF that is 5" x 4" x .25" thick. I want this piece of MDF to stay that way. When I set up my MeshCAM job I input the stock values with the same values as the MDF piece I have prepared. All I want to do is to route out a reverse image of a metal part I have, in the middle of the MDF piece. After the MDF is “pocketed” out I can insert my part in it. The MDF becomes a holder for my part whilst I buff and polish the metal part. So I only care about the pocketed routing. Since the MDF is already cut to 5" x 4" I don’t need the 1F to be routing out the perimeter to make it those values, but for some reason MeshCAM always wants to route out the perimeter and it eats up a ton of time, and it’s unnecessary. So anybody know how to prevent this?

Maybe this? How can I avoid part of the model

That was it! Thank you very much.