Not made with the CNC, but for the CNC

I like to design in both science units and freedom units so I made this handy-dandy conversion chart to hang in the shop.

I wanted it to look like the old metal signs you’d see in machine shops in days gone by so I designed with that in mind and then had it printed and mounted on aluminum! This one is 18x24 which is big enough for me to read from across my tiny shop, but I think I’d like it to be bigger in a large space.

I haven’t decided if I should put these up on my website, so I’d love to hear your thoughts.


More than a good idea for any shop!
I have a small ruler that has the common conversions listed on the back side that sits perfectly in the drag chain extension. However, it is really only convenient when using my 1F. Your large plaque would be much more useful throughout the shop though.

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Looks great, I like it! I’d definitely buy the file if you offered it.


Me as well, if you want to offer your file on Etsy I’d buy a copy. Keep us posted if you decide to do it.


Hey Nick,

what are freedom units?

I have not found the term ‘freedom units’ in Wikipedia, what does the term mean? Something like freedom fries?

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Freedom Units: A tongue-in-cheek phrase referring to the standard unit(s) of measure used in the “land of the free”, good ol US of A.

Also known as inches, feet, yards, miles, and other distance measures that make very little sense.

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Hey Nick,

I found it in the Wiktionary:

freedom units


English Wikipedia has an article on:

U.S. customary units


freedom units

  1. (humorous, US) the customary units of measurement used in the United States

I know, the system of units where, although it sounds like it defies the laws of physics, a fluid ounce has a different weight than a solid ounce :slight_smile:

Of course I figured this meant U.S. customary units, but I was interested in why people use a specific term for it, like ‘freedom units’

Sarcastically, I would say, the freedom to throw meaningful projects like the Mars Climate Orbiter down the toilet at any time? :wink:

Just kidding


Imperial Measurements. please


Furlongs, rods, and fathoms?

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Chains, hands, acres, stones,
Just be thankful you never had to learn pounds, shillings and pence with crowns, ha.penies, farthings & guineas, Metric keeps you free from fractions etc.


I’m new to this forum but sounds like there are those like me that still have a sense of humor!! I love it a bushel and a peck, but it’s a cubit longer than my understanding. HaHa!


It’s handy to have a buttload of humor to get by in life.


“Science” vs “Freedom”???
I am not a fan of your terminology.
How about Metric vs Imperial?
I use an online calculator:

I love the sentiment.

It definitely used to be…

…today, though?

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I see you have found my inspiration lol


Physical version
Digital version

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Thank you Sir! Looking forward to trying this.

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Digital file(s) on major sale if anyone is still interested.

I saw no mention of the ‘Smoot’ for length. Yes, it’s an actual measurement and if you read up about it, you’ll really get a chuckle! I’m not going to tell you how much it is to force all you youngsters to research & read! Ahh to be young again…

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