Oops Clamps - retired - rejoice

I dig the QCW but always hated the bundled Oops Clamps, after one lost bit that sent shards of metal all over the place, I bit the bullet and dog-holed my wasteboard:

X Axis - eleven 22mm holes
Y Axis - eight 22 mm holes (evenly spaced and configured to avoid the mounting holes

Hole depth 14 mm

22 mm (external diameter) copper pipe from Lowes, cut to 31mm lengths and 3/4" ply for clamping blocks

Ten times better hold performance than the clamps which have been known for a while as FUp Clamps in my workshop.
If you are inspired to do the same - modelling time 15 minutes in Fusion 360 - cutting time 18 minutes. FUp Clamps in the back of the cupboard…

How do the clamps look like?

I used Marius’ design:

How to make the Ultimate Worktable Clamps - YouTube

I like those and I like the idea of using copper pipe over wood dowels or pvc.

Here’s the claps I made - based on Marius’ design - I added wooden dowels to the cam clamps for extra strength, they hold really well unlike the FUp clamps - I have the clamps design in Fusion 360 and will replacing these test clamps with better quality plywood as the test pieces were made with the cruddiest piece of plywood. I discovered at the bottom of my scrap bin. I’ll be doing some more out 1/2", 3/4" and 1" birch ply I have at the top of the scrap bin.

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