Operations that you do differently now that you have a CNC

So mine does not arrive until Jan/Feb but the workshop is still busy.

The operation that will different … the making of slots. You know the kind, you drill two holes then cut out the area between them.

I am making a Paulk style outfeed table something like: https://www.lumberjocks.com/Paul66/blog/101474

As you can see LOTS of slots… in my case 6" holes and 2" holes… and a 6 inch hole saw has a bit of torque when she bites.

The current operation list is:

  • Layout the holes and cuts
  • Drill two holes
  • Use the track saw to join the two circles
  • Hand saw out the the rest of the cut ( round blades can’t cut the whole thing)
  • Oscillating sander to clean it up … living with the wibble/wobbles
  • Finally router table to break the edges

with the CNC

  • Create Cad Model/G Code
  • Machine slot
  • Finally router table to break the edges

So my hope is it is less painful with better results.

What are your ah hah operations?


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My problem is that I tend to get a hammer and see everything as a nail.

After a while I realize that some traditional things are simply faster the old way.

The key of course is learning which is which.

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I think you know my father … chuckle.

A favorite phrase is if they look that close they deserve to find something.

Fast does not imply quality.

Doing something by hand takes time behind a tool… folks like Chris Schwarz and Rob Cosman can knock out hand cut dovetails very quickly and precisely … even after the course I cannot … I just never did the 30 consecutive days of dovetails.

For me with 10 larges slots and 12 smaller ones the CNC just seems more effective than the by hand approach.

And I agree “The key of course is learning which is which”

Thanks for the reply

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I thought about using it to square up some boards that are a little off. These are usually 24x24 range and hard (for me) to get the first straight line on boards this large on the table saw. Smaller boards I have a jig.