Purchasing a CNC for our Small Business - Help us make a decision

Hey Tom,

Yes, I remember. But that was THE ONLY issue that could be tracked down to the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller. And still you could eliminate the problem by reducing the number of nodes. I would consider that you had this effect when importing a 2D file leading to an uncountable number of nodes because the nodes were not converted to Bézier curves.

But besides this, you could not cite on single issue that could clearly be assigned to the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller.

By the way, one thing to consider in favour of the buildbotics-derived Onefinity controller: Try to get a fully capable, fully g-code implementing, with stepper drivers already included, stand-alone 4-axis CNC controller at that price.

If you look at the price of a Masso G3 Touch and it still lacks a power supply, a relay board, and the stepper drivers, imagine what its overall price is! The price of the Onefinity controller can be seen if you select a PRO machine in the shop and select “Onefinity controller” vs. “No controller (provide your own)”: $2 834.75 −$2 452.25 = $382.50 ! See also What the Elite’s Masso G3 cannot do or does not have in comparison to the Buildbotics Controller and the buildbotics-derived Onefinity Controller.