Static electricity issues

I have had issues with static electricity in the past making my spindle take a deep dive into a piece while 3D carving. It seems to happen more when using my dust boot. My understanding is a dust collector creates static electricity. I have not done anything to ground the static problem as of yet.
Yesterday my machine started to run haywire again not starting the cut at the chosen start point and machining deeper than it was set and running off the work piece to cut air. I have used this 3D model before to cut this part and it worked fine.
I just ordered braided grounding wire. I plan on attaching it at the mounting block of the x axis on the right side of the machine. I am going to run that wire through my cable tray then down through my table across to a wall outlet and ground it into the outlet. Im also am going to run a copper wire up my dust collector hose to the dust collector where I will ground the wire to the collector which is grounded through its plug.
Is it just me or is this a rather large issue and why doesn’t onefinity address it with grounding instructions when you buy the machine?
Any information on this annoying issue would be helpful. Other than the static issue the machine has been stellar. I am not one to complain but…

Hey Scott,

static electricity was discussed in this thread and disappeared after having properly grounded the machine:


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thanks for the info!