The importance of dust collection and maintenance on the Onefinity

We wanted to show the importance of using proper dust collection and following our maintenance practices.
This is a recently ‘defective’ rail that was returned to us. The culprit is very clearly debris in the rails. When pulling out the ball nut from the gantry, this is the amount of dust that just fell right out. This is one of the worst cases we’ve come across.
The gantry was getting ‘stuck/hung’ during movement, and after replacing wires and tightening grub screws, it persisted. Only when we took it apart at the factory did we discover the true issue.
It is extremely important to follow the Maintenance video. Proper dust extraction is also extremely important as well as removing the dust between carves.
Always make sure to keep your machine clean!

If your rail is getting hung, it could be dirt in the ball nut!

We are currently working on a YouTube video that will show you how to clean your ball nut if need be. We’ll be posting that soon. Just a tip, NEVER take your ball nut off of the ball screw. A whole bunch of tiny ball bearings will fall out and you’ll never get them back in (or find them after they hit the floor and roll everywhere! 😛 )


Thank you for this.

I have been going back and forth on the whole Shop Vac vs Dust Collector debate and I don’t want to hijack this thread with that subect here.

My question: Was this person using dust collection? Do you know?

I have no idea but my guess would be NO! :upside_down_face:

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A simple tip is to wipe down the lead screw and rails before you home the 1F. I do it while the controller is booting up. By doing so dust doesn’t get packed into the seals when it hits the hard stop during the homing process.


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wood dust is generally not compatible with oiled exposed mechanics. It has to be collected as completely by a strong dust collection system as possible. Or the mechanics have to be made dust-tight.

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linking the now existing video also from here:

How to clean the ball nut on the Onefinity CNC // Support

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