Tiling to create large projects

Hi all. I’m planning on making some projects on my Onefinity that are bigger than the cutting surface. I was wondering if any of you have any advice on the best way to approach this. I’m new to the CNC world and know that tiling is the way to go, but I really don’t know anything about doing it (although the concept seems simple enough). Any advice?

One thing. Vcarve Pro. Get the demo version and start playing with it. Vcarve does exceptional with tiling.

You will also want to set up your unit with zero calibrated fence so that tiling is just a matter of sliding the stock a certain distance.

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I am also planing on working on larger projects on my future “Machinist”. I have written some blog posts and videos showing my ideas on how. You might find them useful.


Mark, hi. I’m trying to tile with 1Fusing vectric with dimensions of 24 x 63. I keep getting Y axis error after using 1 of 2 tiled files.

Any ideas? Also, are you in fb? my account is af.woodcraft.