Touch probe issue

First time cnc user here. I’ve made a few searches but have not come up with anything on my exact issue , I’ve had my journeyman since January and have made a few thing successfully and have been able to work through my issues with mostly reading on here (thanks) and you tube. So here’s my issue, I’ve begun to Try the XYZ probing , working from lower right corner of machine/material (facing it) touching off in the circle it works flawless then machine moves directly to the right about 1” or so and rapidly smashes into top of probe and drags itself off the plate moving away from operator about and 1” or so . Then picks up moves rapidly to the left and misses prob entirely looking for it . My X axis and operator station is set up motor on right (facing it). I’m using carveco maker and have checked and doubled checked starting point origin. I’m using the onefinity touch plate and magnet. Please help , thanks Matt

I believe you can only probe XYZ from the bottom left corner. Doesn’t matter where the zero in your program is, when you run the probing operation the machine will always touch off the top then move to the right in order to find the right edge of the touch plate and then move to the top in order to find the top edge of the touch plate.

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Well that would explain it after watching the movements a little closer. I’ll have to try and source some sort of extension cord to be able to reach over that far. Thanks again for your help

You could buy these plugs or similar and use some wire to make your own extension.
ebay has them a bit cheaper

You could also splice in some extra wire to the cord that you’ve already got, just takes some solder and heat shrink.

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Thanks ill check into that , you’ve been a great help thanks again

Yes these connectors work good. But don’t splice. Buy the terminals made for these connectors and just crimp them onto the wires then insert into the plastic insulator body. But they work just fine.

Hey matp,

as @GrimResistance already explained, the XYZ probing routine offered by the Onefinity Controller on the Jog Pane is "hardwired"¹ to top front left corner of workpiece. It does not take into account at all where the workpiece zero is in your 3D model and toolpath. The usage of the Onefinity Controller’s touch probe function is explained here. You can however write your own probing routine to support probing on any other corner and save it as g-code file (yet macros are not implemented² on the Onefinity Controller) or use many other methods to set the workpiece zero. One method is manually setting XYZ workpiece zero. A longer cable for the Onefinity Touch Probe is available here.

1.) in /usr/local/lib/python3.5/dist-packages/bbctrl-1.0.9-py3.5.egg/bbctrl/http/index.html
2.) but macros are a feature requested in Buildbotics introduces Macros to their controller software, Add Macros please, Jogging Points by the click of a button