Want To Buy - X-50 Woodworker or Journeyman - Northern Virginia

Looking up upgrade from an X-Carve and willing to travel a bit. Thanks.

Still looking so I figured I’d bump this.

i have a woodworker with the updated z slider , are you still looking ?

Yep still looking. Can you share some details about the machine, condition and reason(s) for selling? Thanks.

am sell it for two reasons i have two of them a woodworker and a journeyman. don’t use the woodworker much because of the 32x32 cut area. most of what we make to sale i need the 32x48 . i need to get a 48x48 size machine. the machine is like new it a year old i have updated the z slide its mounted on a wood stand with a 80 20 bed frame it comes with a 14watt laser head and router. look to sale it for $3000.

Anyone upgrading and selling their old machine?

Is your woodworker CNC still available? Where are you located?

Yes, I am in Celina ohio

Thanks and good luck selling. Your location is a little too far for me.

What size are you looking to sell?

Im possibly interested in the larger


i selling the woodworker

here’s a picture of it ,

I have 30-36in cookies i want to put in a cnc. Is this cnc large enough?

Email is easier.

I have cookies I need perfectly flat. But they are 30-36in round.

Would those fit?


they would fit and be flat, but the cut area is 32 x 32. i have cut larger. I just have to move the work around.

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