Where to purchase the Vacuum and Router Hose Boom

Please note: Vacuum Hose, Suckit Dust Boot or Router not included.

A while back, Peter, a Suckit Dust Boot Customer of ours reached out to ask us if he could make a few Vacuum Booms and sell them to his friends to make some extra money. Because we came from the maker community, we are always trying to help our fellow makers, so of course we said yes! When we launched the Onefinity, we wanted to continue to support makers and small businesses, so we reconnected with Peter to see if he wanted to make these for our Onefinity customers. He was very excited and said yes. Please help support Peter.

To purchse this product, please go to his etsy page here: Hose Boom for Makita Router 65mm Users - Etsy Canada

This is a Vacuum Hose Boom to help support your Vacuum Hose while using your Suckit Dust Boot. It can also be used to help support your router cable. No more hanging your hose or router cable from a bungee cord or rope. You can also purchase the option clips that hold 2 water lines and allow for easy removal of the vacuum hose.

The Suckit Vacuum Hose Boom is super easy to install. It just screws to any of the 4 corners of the machine then zip tie your Vacuum Hose to the Boom.

Have a 3D printer and want to make your own? All the file and instructions can be found on thingiverse. Here is the link:


Hey guys I wanted to let you know that Ben Myers had two live videos last night and the hose boom was on there!. Also you can take a look at my video https://youtu.be/x7uTccByjdw. If you have any questions just let me know.


I know this thread is quite old, but I see Rowdy on here all the time so I’m piggy-backing off this knowing he’ll see it.

With the new version of the dust boot, will this still work? Are you making an updated version for the Infinite Dust Boot with the hose connection in the back?

@mhuntoon hey thanks for asking! I am running a prototype right now and plan to do a live stream with Ben Myers and the journeyman. As I enter the last phase of testing it I believe what I have is really close to what I will sell. With that being said if you have a hose boom already the plan is for my etsy page to have an upgrade package available. So you do not have to buy a whole new hose boom. My plan is to answer everyone’s questions during that live. I will make sure to post when it will be at least a week before we have it

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Thank you. Looking forward to seeing it. Just ordered my machine, so it’s likely not coming in until September anyhow, so get on it LOL

By the way, the topo gift you made for your brother was incredible. I’ve been to Ketchikan and fully understand why he’d want to live there.

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Thanks man that has been my favorite project by far. The face he made was priceless!