24w laser losing power

My laser will basically work ok for about 45 minute’s then it starts to stop lasing. It has just started to do this in the last couple of weeks.

Using firmware 1.3.


I ran into a similar problem this past weekend. Was running a long job and about 3/4 the way through the laser stopped. Fans turned off, laser wouldnt fire. I did some trouble shooting and traced it down to a bad cable running from the laser to the controller. I had been lazy with my cable management, and the molex connector at the laser side of the extension had been stressed too much and failed.

I am guessing you have a similar issue as the laser started firing again once you picked up the cable in the video. Seems like an open connection in the molex to me.

My solution was to buy some new 18/3 shielded wire from the local blue big box, order some new molex connectors off the Zon, and build my self a new cable. I also purchased some cable management upgrades that will be here from Etsy in the coming week.

Some things you could do to test my theory (or rather questions that you could answer that might help diagnose the problem)
Does it always stop working near the back of your machine?
Is there more stress on the extension cable when the laser is near the back of the machine?
The extension cable for the laser is a straight through cable, so you can plug it directly into the back of the laser controller and see if the fans power up normally.

That is where I would start.

Is the 4" hose bungied to the router used for fume extraction? If so, how well does it work? I am thinking about setting up something similar on my machine.


Sorry for the delay in response.

I ended up sending it back to Jtech after working with thier customer support. They said it was a failing i/o board in the Laser and rebuilt it.

The 4" hose is for fume extraction, while its not 100% it actually does a pretty good job.
I would say I get about 80-85% removed.

Well spoke to soon

The issue remains. I got the laser back from Jtech and I did get a new cable and there is still an issue with the laser randomly lossing power.