24w jtech laser

this is the first time using the laser and im running into issues with the laser staying running while cutting. i have tried my tool as jtech laser and spindle. i have followed probably 15 step by step videos. yeah all my cables are in the correct ports and i have a constantair running. it is the 24w and works in constant mode but does not continuously burn after the first minute. its like it fades off till its turned off.

I have the 24w too, haven’t had this problem.

What software are you using?
I am assuming you have calibrated your software?

Check your gcode that your software is outputting.
Look for S#### codes. If the fade is driven by your software you will see these values decreasing over time.

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i thought that could also be the issue. i swapped the laser to different outlets thinking it was power consumption but the laser does not honestly use that much power. even after swapping it did that. im running vcarve pro. i have not tried any of the other programs and have not looked into other programs yet. ill try looking at the gcode while its running and seeing why it might be fading.

Did you get any resolution to this. I am having the same type of issue.