24 Watt Laser FAQ Resources

One Special Note: the 24w laser requires the Tool Enable to be set to lo-hi on the settings page on the buildbotics controller.

Adjusting the Input Level of your 24w Jtech Laser

Because every machine is different, you may need to adjust your input to get your laser to fire with the input. You can adjust it, so it also is at a perfect level for framing as to not burn the material. Potentiometer R1 is for this purpose.

Prepare your laser head to adjust the input power by moving it to an area with a scrap piece of material and put it up high in Z so it is not in focus. On the MDI Tab on the control screen, Type M3 S10 and fire the laser in low power. We recommend setting this low power under 1%.

Put the laser in this low power and press the fire button to fire the laser. Now, adjust the potentiometer R1 to have the laser turn on, but also not be so high that it will burn the material when framing

The potentiometer is located on the right side of the safety interface board. Adjust the level, but don’t turn it down too much as it will cause inconsistencies when cutting if it is too low.
If you still are having issues with framing and burning material, then put the z axis up a known amount of distance so it is out of focus slightly (like 1”) and then frame the project. After you have framed it, then you can use the spacer to set your proper distance from the board.

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