JTech 24 Watt laser not cutting through

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I am mimicking the settings from the YouTube video of 10in min at 100% power for 1/4 inch plywood and its just barely engraving. Am I missing a step to make sure the laser is at full power? (ive tried 3 different types of ply)

I am using the laser module in Vectric and have all the settings correct as far as I can tell since I followed everything off JTechs website for setup. I know I can do more passes and it should eventually cut out but I bought the 24 to hopefully get it done in less passes. Thanks!

edited to add: i have also messed with the Potentiometer as well and have air assist on

Try this. I had the same problem. The set switch was set too low and caused inconsistency. I set s 0.5 and turn the acre until it just came on. Works very well now with VCarve Pro Laser add on.

J Tech laser low power adjustmentLow Power Adjustment for Beam Placement

The Quad PRO 24W laser has a lot of power. But when you want to turn the laser down to find the position on your workpiece, you don’t want it to burn a hole in your wood before you even start engraving. We have included an adjustable low power mode into the safety interface board to allow for precise control over the low power setting. Now, when you fire your laser at 1%, it won’t burn it.

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Sorry for the typo. The set screw is the adjustment at the controller. Use mdi to fire the laser.

This is what I meant by messing with the Potentiometer already and it unfortunately didn’t help. Lowering the laser closer to the material helped but I feel like the Vectric Module isn’t outputting full power to the laser somehow. 100% doesn’t feel like 100%.