Laser not firing at full power during burn / vcarve desktop FIX

If someone else has this problem I might have the solution. Set up everything up according to the latest updates, ect but my 7 watt jtech wasn’t firing full power while running a file.

Ends up my settings on vectrics desktop were in in/sec which was set to 80-120. The system tries to adjust the power for the anticipated speed (lower power on corners, ect) but the onefinity obviously wont run at 80 in/sec. Once changed to in/min everything worked like a charm.

Big shout out to Jay(or J) at jtech photonics who helped me trouble shoot and figure it out. Amazing customer service especially since it wasn’t a jtech issue it was a me setting up vectrics wrong issue. So far every time I’ve reached out for help they were able to help and literally had a machine set up on the other end and were walking though with me.

Hope it helps! Check them settings!


Just to comment about Jay at J-Tech lasers: 100% agree with Jwhite!! Their customer service is EXCELLENT!!

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Upgraded to vcarve pro, had the same problem, went on the forum and found the answer from my own previous post. Can’t believe I forgot it.


This helped a lot. I was trying so many settings, configuration and setup. Laser is working perfectly now.