7w with Vcarve pro starts laser before job start

Hi all, I’ve been trying out my 7w JTech laser and I noticed an odd issue. Starting from 0,0, the laser will fire then go to the start point of the vectors to be cut/engraved. So I will get a line to that start point. I must be missing a step, but have as yet found it. Any ideas? Thanks.

On your controller screen menu under tool be sure the two check boxes at the bottom are checked. What are your settings in VCarvePro set at?

I’m currently having the same problem, how did you resolve it?

are you using vectric? Are you using the laser post processor when exporting laser gcode?"

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I am guessing you are you X Y zeroing your laser to accommodate the offset it needs?

Secondly make sure you are using Firmware 1.09.

What software are you using??

yes and yes. sorry about the long delay I was traveling

I am using X Y zeroing, I have to verify Firmware (my onefininty is connected to wifi and I’m pretty sure I’ve updated recently) I am using Vcarve Pro