Laser not firing at start of the job

Newbie with lasers, I just got the Jtech 7W laser. I followed all instructions to get it set up, focused, and ready, but when I run a gcode file the laser doesn’t fire at all while the gcode is running.

If I manually turn on the laser with the switch, it fires and burns.

Any ideas why this would be happening?

What software are you using to create your gcode for the laser? Also, try this gcode Laser Test Gcode for diagnostics

I’m using Vcarve Pro. Thanks for the link, I’ll look into that

Stupid question here. How do I convert the .gcode file to .ngc?

Are you using the laser module in vcarve? And the laser post processor? Make sure you use the laser post processor and not the regular post processor in vcarve.

You dont have to convert it just put that gcode file into the controller and run it with a scrap piece of wood

So yeah if you use the post processor for the router vcarve saves that as a .ngc file if you use the laser post processor it will save it as a .gcode file. You should be using the laser processor and getting a .gcode file when using vcarve and using the right post processor. When you are using the router you will be getting a .ngc file

Thank you! The test file worked but not my Vcarve file even after I installed the laser module and selected it. I’ll have to check the settings and all again but I appreciate your help!

Can you post your gcode file and I’ll take a look at it and see if I see anything that could be causing it

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