Help with vcarve pro & jtech 7w laser

Having problems loading g code to 1f. Getting this error

This is my tool path settings

And my settings for the laser data tool base

I don’t get what the error is saying please advise.

Didi you download the "Laser Module: from Vectric?

I noticed you chose Pocket Toolpath, there should be “Laser V-carce ansd Laser Picture” choices avaialable if you did.

I did download the post processor. I did one laser burn already with letters… the one I’m trying to do now is a cut out on acrylic.

I’m trying but not sure which to choose. From the long list of machines. In which none of them are onefinity. Getting discouraged on using this.

This error is because no feed rate is specified in your G1 line. It should read “G1 Z-0.04 F10.” for example. Feed rate = how fast the cnc moves when cutting. Not sure where this needs entered in your settings but I hope this helps.

@OnefinityCNC Could you offer some help?

Could you upload your VCarve project file so one of us can take a look, maybe help you figure out a fix?

heartcutout.ngc (65.5 KB)

Yeah looking at your code your first G1Z-0.0300F0.0 line is moving at zero. It cant get to z-.03 without moving. The toolpath you are using is meant more for an endmill. I am not familiar with lasers but I don’t think you need the laser to move down each time but I could be wrong. I would delete each z line of code so it doesn’t move down or change the f0.0 to f20. if you do want the laser to move down each time. Hope this helps.

Thanks to all that has responded. Most if it is still Greek to me… Next question is . Which vectic laser module version do I get ?
I asked vectic directly. They said because of the way onefinity is set up. They don’t have a suggestion. @OnefinityCNC can you or someone help with. The way I see it . I Can Not use any cad program. At its full extent. Kinda regretting jumping into the cnc world as a beginner With onefinity.

Pretty sure the actual laser module doesn’t matter you just have to use the onefinity post processor with it. I’m pretty sure it’s all the same module no matter what you choose. I’ll see if I can find where I read that at. Either way I downloaded one of them and it works fine with my onefinity.

Yeah here you go it was on this forum onefintiy said you can choose any bc they all go to the same laser module. Problems with Vetric Laser Driver - #24 by onefinitycnc

Ty… I will try that when I get home and see if it will work . After redoing the tool path

Make sure you are using the Onefinity LASER postprocessor from the Jtech website, not the regular Onefinity Postprocessor. When you install them all you’ll end up 4 postprocessors - Onefinity mm, Onefinity inch, Onefinity J Tech (mm), Onefinity J Tech (inch).

Also - your Onefinity controller may be configured with a maximum “spindle speed” of 255, whereas the Vectric Onefinity Postprocessor may be configured with 1000 as the maximum speed. You’ll want to adjust one of those, otherwise you’ll be at maximum power with anything over 255. Either that or limit the power in Vectric to 25%, otherwise things may be darker than you expect, especially if you are laser engraving images. The default on the Lightburn software was 255 when I installed it and it engraved nicely detailed images whereas the same image and feed speeds on Vectric was a charred mess until I compensated for the “spindle speed” differences.


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