Laser stops firing about 75% through toolpath

Anyone run into a similar issue below?

I have finally installed it.
Loaded VCarve add-on.
Loaded post-processors.
Manual Test fire works fine, i.e. flip switch to fire at 100%.
G-Code test file for zeroing works fine, similar to just doing MDI command.
Started a 1 minute test logo and it does like 70-80% of the job then laser shuts off and the toolpath continues, leaving the image incomplete.

Open to sugestions before bugging Techsupport.

I have never had that happen to me. It seems that for some reason the software is telling it to shut off. Be sure the dynamic power is checked in tools.

Dynamic power is checked. Now I cant get it to fire at all, other than manual. So going o start all over and see if i can get it going again. Time to get the multimeter out I guess.

Well figured it out… After making some of the parameter changes it changes what you need to send to the controller to get it to fire. I may try to set up a cheatsheet for others, as once i understood what was going on it was easy to do test pattern on some pine as a guide… Will probalby build a bigger file for multi speed and intensity.

What parameter changes did you make? and what changes did you send to the controller? (to help us better assist others that may read this thread).

I plan on documenting my steps and then posting, but want to make sure i have it right, rather than partially right and possibly causing more confusion.