24W J-Tech Laser

I am considering adding the J-Tech 24W laser to my Woodworker X-50. From what I have been able to determine this laser seems to be a good choice for both engraving and cutting and is endorsed by Onefinity. Some questions for those with experience using this laser on Onefinity machines. I have checked the forum archives and do not see many issues that have not been easily resolved.

  1. Has the laser met your expectations? If you had it to do all over again, would you purchase this laser again?
  2. I am using V-Carve Pro to design and import projects to the controller. Vectric offers a laser module to allow laser use. I am leaning toward Lightburn. What are others using?
  3. The laser needs to be removed before resuming CNC work with the Onefinity. I am using the Suck-It dust boot from Onefinity. The mounting bracket for the laser needs to be removed also? I have seen quick disconnect mounts in some YouTube videos using magnets. Anyone have a source? I do have a 3-D printer if anyone has files available.
  4. What are people using to control smoke and fumes? I don’t want to build an enclosure for the machine.

Apologies for all of the questions, but would appreciate any help you can provide.


I have the 14W laser. I didn’t really have any expectations, or even a needs for a laser, when i purchased it, though its worked fine each of the few times I’ve used it over the past year or so.

If I actually had a use for a laser, aside from wanting one to play around with, I’d probably purchase a standalone CO2 laser cutter. The speed isn’t great on the onefinity, compared to something that doesn’t have to drag along such a heavy x-axis.

I purchased Lightburn before losing interest in the laser. I’ve only used Vectric laser module with Aspire and V-Carve. It’s worked fine for what I’ve wanted to get done.

Not sure about the 24W laser, in particular, but the other ones came with a magnetic mount. Screws onto the router/spindle mount and doesn’t need to be removed for any reason.

I’ve barely used mine, so I’ve not concerned myself with fume extraction. Cracking the garage door seems to work fine.


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Actually, I’m sure whether or not the lasers come with a magnetic mount, if purchased from Onefinity. I purchased mine directly from JTech, since they’re an hour from my house, and that came with a magnetic mount. I’d post the link, if i hadn’t had a post blocked in november for posting it. Should be easy enough to find on the j-tech site…

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I appreciate your feedback. Lots to consider.



I bought the 24w with my OneFinity Journeyman. I have used it quite a bit, but no where near as much as some people. I would definately recommend getting the Air Assist, it makes for much cleaner results and less passes when cutting. I have not gone to the trouble of integrating the Air Assist power in so that it auto starts, so I have to remember to turn it on each time.

It did come with a magnetic mount. The mount screw onto the front of my 80mm spindle mount from OneFinitiy. But I use a NightHawk dust boot (which I love). With It I have to remove two screws from the bottom of the laser magnetic mount and loosen the top two, and slide the mount up so I can get the dust boot back on. Takes about 30 seconds. A mild annoyance, but nothing more.

I use the laser module with V-Carve Pro and now V-Carve Aspire. It works flawlessly as far as I can tell.

When cutting, I place a pedestal fan on one side of the machine and keep the shed door open to allow the fumes out. Been no drama.

I have found you have to be careful with some thin plywoods to avoid them burning. The worst for me is a 3mm marine ply (cheap version) that seems to have a very soft core. But good quality ply or other timber have never caused me any issues.

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Yes, thank you for the reminder to enable air assist. Seems to be important to help keep the lens clean too.