Jtech 14W Pro Laser

Would love to see the option to select the new 14w version of the Jtech Pro Laser on your site.


That’s a darn good idea,I’ll buy one as soon as that happens.

Maybe 1infinty will get me one so that I can test it, then post the results :smiley:

Agreed! the more powerful laser would be great.

The new 20w Module from X-Tool is really interesting as well. I wonder if it would be possible to have it work with the Onefinity controller, or if JTech is able to come up with something similar in future.

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Hey Cliff… We will have the 14W Jtech Pro available on our website within the next week. Hope this helps. Talk soon…


That’s fantastic, thanks so much!

Mark, Once it’s available would it be possible to change out the 7w pro for the 14w variant and just pay the difference? I ordered mid January, so I’m getting close to it arriving and want to ensure I get the 14w instead of the 7w-pro

Email info@onefinitycnc.com and cancel your 7w now. Then, order the 14w when its up.

can you use the 7w controller or will i need to use all the parts that come with the 14w?

they controllers are different. You need to use the matching driver.

We are no longer accepting unused/unopened returns for 7w lasers towards the 14w.

will the laser module in aspire/ vcarve work for the 14w like it does for the 7? do i set the laser in my onefinity the same way as i do now?

Yes it will. Jtech website has settings for it.