Laser Follow up Post, additional questions

Greetings All and thanks to those who offered input…

As a follow up to the original post…
(1) I’m interested in feedback from those who have the 24W laser… see current engrave time below in the original post and offer an estimate w/ the 24W laser
(2) Is there someone out there who can do a sample to confirm before I make he plunge to purchase
(3) programming??? Laser light? Vectric? what is being used?

Many Thanks
Midway Sawdust LLC

Original Post

Greetings Onefinity Nation…

I’m running an X50 and have become the “king” master engraved bookends. I use a friends laser now (see an example below)(Thunder Nova 35 @ 80w and 60% power) but curious of the capability of the laser add on accessory for the Onefinity. Power, speed, flexibility to go back and forth b/ router and laser. Currently to burn this logo at .030” depth in beech wood the program takes about 5 minutes to complete….

Many thanks
Midway Sawdust