Jtech use for engraving hard and soft wood

Hi All
I have several projects that i need to use the Jtech laser to add text and logo’s
When I first purchased The Onefinity and Jtech I downloaded Lightburn which i found fairly simple to use, did struggle with a few settings regarding power and feeds
The trail of my Lightburn has expired and i am now undecided as to what the best way forward is
Do i bit the bullet and purchase Lightburn on a yearly basis?
I have Carveco Maker on subscription which I find great for all my carving needs does anyone if Maker will produce code to enable the Onefinity to laser engrave, i have spent hours search forums, support communities, youtube etc but cant find any answer, I have a support request in with Carveco but as yet no heard anything

Any help or advice would be great


For me, I like Lightburn. I just renewed it earlier this month for the updates. I use Vetric and have the laser module (plug in) for it, I find that most times it’s just easier for me to run Lightburn. Please keep in mind this is also because I am lazy, and really need to set up a speed/power test with the Vetric module.
Oh, and so far for whatever reason, running the same file with the Vetric laser module and Lightburn, I get better results from Lightburn running the same speed and power. I really need to play around and figure that one out. lol.