Help! JTech laser not working properly (solved)

Hey all,

Got my new JTech 14w Pro laser all installed and working. The problem I’m having is that when I go to cut or burn anything it isn’t square. An example of this was I made a box with This box works fine on my new Creality Falcon laser, but that laser takes a LOT longer to cut things out. When I use the same file on the OneFinity it comes out all out of wack, rectangular vs square, (I’ll attach some pics). I also did a job of a simple 2"x2" square in VCarve pro and sent it over and the same thing, rectangle. Can anyone think of what the heck is going on that would cause this? Thanks for any help or guidance!

Well, shame on me for not trying it first, but I just ran a simple square with my 60 deg v bit and it came out as a rectangle as well. Ugh, so it’s not just the laser. Does anyone have an idea of what’s going on?


Update… it was a misconfiguration on the controller side. Not at all sure how that even happened, but with a few simple steps given to me by the support team and I was good again. All I had to do was reset the machine to defaults again. Thanks as usual OneFinity support team!


Thanks for closing the loop Michael!