Laser won't burn curves

Finally got my JTech 7W to turn on and burnt a ruler onto my wasteboard.
Mostly. The numbers on the ruler did not come out right.

It won’t burn curves/arcs. My next test was to try a design, so I naturally chose the Onefinity logo. Same problem. I can see the laser dimming or turning off when the machine tries to move on 2 axis at the same time, such as following an arc or curve. Picture is attached.

Anyone know what to do about this?
I am using Lightburn for laser design and gcode generation.

Did you follow the set up via this video?

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Yes. Something the video doesn’t mention though is to set the tool type to PWM. Luckily, smarter people than me inhabit this forum and had already posted that nugget.

So, I looked at the gcode, and there are no suspicious S codes being set to alter the power level. Is there anything in the 1F or JTech controllers that could be fluctuating the power independently?

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After talking to the guys at JTech, I sent in my controller. It seems that the signal voltage on the Shapeoko3 is lower than the Onefinity and this was causing the fluctuation. They replaced a resistor on the board and it seems to be working fine now.

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That’s great to hear! Glad it’s working for you now!